Adult Orthodontic Treatment & Care in Gatineau-Ottawa

Comprehensive Orthodontic Treatment for Adults

Rapidly Increasing Demand

The proportion of adults who undergo orthodontic treatment has increased dramatically over the last decade and continues to rise. There are many reasons for this:

  • Better Access – Many adults have always wanted to receive orthodontic care but didn’t have access to this service as children and teens
  • Increased Knowledge – The benefits of orthodontic care on both smile esthetics and oral health in general are becoming more and more known
  • Firsthand Experience – As a continually increasing number of children and teens receive orthodontic care, an increasing number of adults also see the dramatic improvements that are produced by orthodontic treatment, and they opt for treatment themselves afterwards
  • Widespread Acceptance – Orthodontic treatment has become so mainstream that any stigma that may have in the past been associated with wearing orthodontic appliances as an adult no longer exists

Appliance Options

Because adults have a fully developed dentition, they may generally opt to receive treatment via any type of orthodontic appliance they choose:

Orthopedics is the only treatment option not available to adults since insufficient growth remains for such treatments to be successful.

Because orthodontic treatment has become so common and accepted, even Hollywood megastars such as Tom Cruise have worn traditional braces in public at the height of their fame.

Despite the growing social acceptance of braces at all ages, however, many adults may still prefer a less conspicuous orthodontic treatment option. To satisfy this high demand, we are pleased to offer outstanding clear and invisible orthodontic treatment options such as Invisalign® and Incognito™ serving Gatineau-Ottawa region.

Candidates for Adult Orthodontic Care

Virtually any adult with some or most natural teeth can safely and comfortably benefit from orthodontic care. People of all ages can thus reap the same esthetic and functional gains that result from a well planned and implemented orthodontic treatment.