Adolescent Treatment – Hull Orthodontist for Teens

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The Most Common Age

Late childhood to early adolescence (10-15 years old) is the most common time for undergoing orthodontic treatment in Hull & Gatineau. There are several reasons for this:

  • Rapid Tooth Movement – Teeth move very quickly and comfortably at this age since the entire body is already geared toward growth & development
  • Definitive Final Result – All or most of the permanent teeth are present at this age, and this allows for a final adult result to be achieved in a single, short treatment
  • Remaining Growth Potential – Enough growth potential still remains at this age to correct many mild to moderate orthopedic problems
  • Camaraderie – At this age, many if not most friends and classmates are undergoing orthodontic care at the same time

Appliance Options

Like adults, teens may generally opt to receive treatment via any type of orthodontic appliance they choose. In addition, because teens have some remaining growth, they may benefit from the ability to achieve some orthopedic corrections as well:

Candidates for Teenage Orthodontic Care in Hull & Gatineau

Because teens have an almost fully developed dentition as well as some remaining growth potential, it is an ideal time to start orthodontic care in the majority of cases. This being said, it remains important for children to undergo an orthodontic screening no later than the age of 7 to ensure that orthodontic and orthopedic problems that are better corrected during childhood are not overlooked.