Orthodontic Custom Appliances Dental Care in Gatineau-Ottawa

Computer Custom Design Treatment Plans and Appliances

Digital Orthodontics

Modern technology allows for the fabrication of fully customized computer-designed appliances. This technology is called CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing). In addition to Invisalign® and Incognito™, we are pleased to offer the following CAD/CAM technologies in our practice:

SureSmile® technology involves fabricating robotically-bent customized wires from a precise scan of the teeth.

Insignia™ technology involves fabricating custom braces for each tooth from a precise scan, impression, or x-ray.

Benefits of Custom Appliances

Braces and wires produced through CAD/CAM processes are ultra-precise and fully customized to each individual patient, and they therefore offer the following advantages over traditional approaches:

  • Reduced Treatment Time – Custom appliances are tailor made for the individual patient and they therefore do not required compensatory modification as treatment moves forward the way that stock appliances do
  • Reduced Number of Office Visits – Custom appliances do not require adjustments as frequently
  • Decreased Tooth Sensitivity – Fewer appliance adjustments translates into decreased tooth sensitivity
  • Simulated Result – Custom appliances are computer-generated and the final orthodontic result can therefore be seen at the onset of treatment

Candidates for Custom Appliances

Most people who are candidates for treatment with regular appliances are also candidates for treatment with custom appliances in Gatineau, Hull & Alymer. At your initial consultation appointment, Dr. Côté will nevertheless let you know for sure if you are a candidate for achieving excellent results using custom appliances.