Digital Dental Tooth Impressions

Improved Comfort & Accuracy

Tooth impressions are almost always required before starting orthodontic treatment. Traditionally, these impressions are taken using a tray and a paste that is placed in the patient’s mouth. While this procedure is generally well-tolerated, it is often not the patient’s favourite part of orthodontic treatment.

We are therefore very pleased to be the first practice in Gatineau-Ottawa, to incorporate the latest in digital tooth impression technology: the iTero/iOC™. Digital impressions with the iTero/iOC™ consist of simply taking a special picture of the teeth. This offers several advantages over traditional paste-based impressions:

  • No More Goop & Gagging – Because there is no need for placing goopy impression paste in the patient’s mouth, there is no risk of triggering a gag reflex, and the whole experience is cleaner and more pleasant
  • More Accurate – Because digital impressions are electronically captured and stored, they produce a permanent and unchanging record of the teeth and bite – traditional impressions were poured in stone, and these were subject to breakage, chipping, wear, and change through natural corrosion
  • More Versatile – Digital impressions can be used to fabricate any number of appliances, whereas with the traditional approach, a separate set of impressions is needed for each appliance
  • Better for our Environment – Because digital impressions are electronically captured and stored, they also produce no material waste