Orthodontic Digital Dental X-Rays

Optimisation of Safety and Quality

X-rays are an essential component of diagnosis and treatment planning in orthodontics.

Traditonally, x-rays are taken using a film that requires development in a dark room. This procedure is safe, but it is time-consuming and produces more radiation than necessary now that digital technology exists. Also, once the film is developed, it cannot be enhanced in anyway.

To ensure that our patients receive the least amount of radiation possible while benefitting from the best diagnostic tools available, we are proud to be the first practice in Canada to own the lowest dose digital x-ray machine currently on the market: the CS 9300. X-rays taken with the CS 9300 unit offer several advantages over traditional film-based x-rays as well as x-rays taken with other types of digital units.

  • Significantly Decreased Radiation
    Radiation is reduced up to 10-fold compared to traditional film-based radiography. The CS 9300 unit further differentiates itself from other digital units by incorporating ‘one-shot’ rather than ‘scanning’ technology, which reduces radiation even more.
  • Quicker Output
    Digital x-rays are available for viewing immediately after they are taken. We take advantage of this fact to reduce the amount of time and travel required from our patients. At the initial consultation appointment for instance, we are able to provide patients with an immediate diagnosis and treatment plan rather than have them come back for a second appointment after the films have been developed.
  • Improved Diagnostic Accuracy
    Digital x-rays can be computer-enhanced after they are taken, and this allows for more accurate diagnosis and treatment planning.
  • Better for Our Environment
    Because digital x-rays are electronically captured and stored, no potentially harmful chemicals are used for their development and there is no material waste.