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Hidden Braces – Incognito™ Braces Treatment

Hide Your Braces, Not Your Smile

For anyone who requires braces but prefers that they be totally invisible to others, there is finally an answer. Braces can now be fitted to the inside surface (aka lingual surface) of the teeth, making them totally undetectable. We are pleased to offer outstanding treatment via the Incognito™ lingual braces systems. With lingual braces, patients can achieve the beautiful smile they’ve always wanted without anyone knowing that they wore any.

Benefits of Incognito™ Braces

Incognito™ offers many advantages over traditional braces:

  • Enhanced Esthetics – Incognito™ braces are placed on the inside surface of the teeth and they are therefore completely hidden from the eyes of others
  • Customized Appliance – Incognito™ braces are custom made for each patient and therefore require fewer adjustments during treatment
  • Simulated Result – Incognito™ braces and wires are computer-generated and the final orthodontic result can therefore be seen at the onset of treatment

Candidates for Incognito™

Most people who can be treated with regular braces are also candidates for treatment with lingual braces by Incognito™. At your initial consultation appointment, Dr. Côté will nevertheless let you know for sure if you are a candidate for achieving excellent results using our expertise and the Incognito™ system serving Gatineau-Ottawa region.