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Quicker, Cleaner, More Comfortable Braces

Perhaps the single greatest improvement in braces technology over the past decade has been the advent of low-friction/low-force braces, also known as ‘self-ligating braces’. We are proud to offer orthodontic care using the latest generation of self-ligating braces: In-Ovation® & Damon®. These braces are available in both stainless steel and tooth-coloured ceramic.

Traditional Braces Vs. Self-Ligating Braces

Traditionally, little elastic ties have been used to hold orthodontic wires in the braces. These elastic ties have many drawbacks:

  • They increase tooth sensitivity by holding the wires tightly in place
  • They slow down the process of tooth alignment by creating friction against the wire
  • They act as a sponge that soaks up food and drink, thereby becoming a focus for bacteria collection and increasing the risk of cavities
  • They must be replaced frequently since they degrade quickly over time, becoming discoloured and weak

The low-friction/low-force self-ligating In-Ovation® & Damon® braces differ from traditional braces in that they do not require an elastic tie to hold wires in place. Instead, they have a built-in door that slides shut to prevent the wire from coming out. This simple but groundbreaking improvement negates all the negative side effects of elastic ties.

Traditional Braces

Self-Ligating Braces

Benefits of In-Ovation® & Damon® Braces

In-Ovation® braces provide several advantages over traditional braces:

  • Decreased Tooth Sensitivity – This is because the wires are not held tightly against the tooth by an elastic tie
  • Reduced Number of Office Visits – This is because the built-in doors never require replacement whereas elastic ties require frequent replacement since they degrade rapidly in the mouth
  • Reduced Treatment Time – This is because teeth align more quickly into proper position since there is less friction between the wires and braces
  • Shorter Appointments – This is because it is quicker to open and close the built-in door than it is to remove and replace elastic ties on every tooth.
  • Decreased Need for Tooth Extractions – This is because the dental arches are freer to develop in a low-friction environment
  • Gentler Tooth-Moving Forces – This is because less force is needed to overcome friction in a low-friction system
  • Improved Oral Hygiene – This is because the built-in doors are self-cleansing and do not soak up food and drink or promote bacterial colonization the way elastic ties do;
  • Improved Esthetics – This is because the built-in doors do not degrade or discolour the way elastic ties do.
  • Improved Lip and Cheek Comfort – This is because self-ligating braces can be made smoother, smaller, and more rounded than regular braces

Candidates for In-Ovation® & Damon® Braces in Hull, Gatineau & Alymer

In-Ovation® braces are the most versatile appliance in orthodontics, and they can therefore be used to correct virtually any orthodontic problem. At your initial consultation appointment, Dr. Côté will nevertheless let you know for sure if you are a candidate for achieving excellent results using In-Ovation® braces in Hull, Gatineau and Alymer.