Excellent Options at All Ages

Not that long ago, a common belief was that orthodontic care was a benefit that only children and teens could enjoy. While the formative years remain a common time for undergoing orthodontic treatment, it has become clear that adults can enjoy the same outstanding results, and with the latest advances in technology, there is an array of options to choose from, including clear or invisible appliances. Indeed, a significant proportion of patients in modern orthodontic practice are adults.

Because children have the greatest potential for growth, however, they do have advantages over teens and adults. When identified in childhood, many orthodontic problems can be resolved with quick, non-invasive approaches (called “Interceptive Care” or “Early Intervention”) that optimize the natural potential which exists at a young age. This can prevent the need for longer, more complex, and more invasive corrections later in life – it is generally more advantageous to prevent rather than correct orthodontic problems. To know whether a child can benefit from interceptive care, an orthodontist should be consulted by the age of 7, even in the absence of an obvious concern since signs and symptoms of developing problems can be subtle at a young age.