An orthodontist is a Certified Specialist in the field of Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics. To become an orthodontist, one must first become a dentist and then undergo 2-3 more years of full-time training in a post-graduate, board-recognized, accredited university. Admission to such orthodontic specialty residencies is extremely competitive.

While orthodontists start off as general dentists, they provide orthodontic care exclusively once they earn their specialty degree. An orthodontist’s office is therefore designed for the sole purpose of delivering orthodontic services. Because of this specialized focus, orthodontists see and treat a very large number and variety of orthodontic cases, and they also remain the most up-to-date with new orthodontic technologies, materials, and techniques so that they can provide treatment in the most comfortable and efficient manner possible.

General dentists may offer orthodontic services, but the delivery of these services makes up only part of their practice, and they do not have the extensive formal orthodontic training of an orthodontist. For these reasons, general dentists will usually refer their patients to an orthodontist for orthodontic care in Gatineau, Hull and Alymer. While we very gladly welcome referrals from our general practice colleagues, an appointment can be made with an orthodontist without a referral from a general dentist.