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What Sets Us Apart

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Dr. Cote and most of the Outaouais Orthodontics team were raised in the Gatineau-Ottawa area, and we therefore take special pride in making outstanding specialized care easily accessible to the community we’ve always been part of. In doing so, we differentiate ourselves in several ways:


Commitment to Cutting Edge Care

Cutting edge

Outaouais Orthodontics is committed to implementing the most advanced orthodontic equipment and technologies les plus avancés available. his ensures that our patients achieve the best possible result in the most discreet, gentle, safe, and efficient manner possible.

Staying true to our mission of being a progressive practice, Outaouais Orthodontics is pleased to offer one of the widest ranges of modern treatment options in Gatineau-Ottawa. These include:


Commitment to Personalized Service

Personalized service

Our treatment plans are tailored to meet the needs and wishes of each individual patient.

While straightening teeth and the improving the bite are necessary components of any orthodontic treatment, our goals extend beyond standard benchmarks:

  • We carefully evaluate the appearance of the smile within the context of the entire face
  • We ensure that our treatment plan maintains or improves facials contours
  • We carefully evaluate other functional elements that have an impact on the teeth, bite, and facial appearance such as breathing functions

We understand that stepping back and evaluating patients in their totality can make the difference between good results and great ones.


Commitment to Meaningful Innovation


We are pleased to be pioneers in orthodontic diagnosis, treatment planning, and patient comfort. Indeed, we are the only practice in Gatineau and one of only a handful of practices in all of Canada to offer:

  • Digital Tooth Impression Technology – This eliminates the discomfort and gagging that can be associated with taking traditional dental moulds, and it also produces an unchanging permanent record of the teeth and bite without material waste
  • 2D and large-field 3D digital x-rays – These greatly reduce the radiation dosage and also allow for more accurate diagnosis and treatment planning

We are also one of the only practices in Gatineau-Ottawa to offer:

  • Private Treatment Cubicles – While the vast majority of orthodontic practices have a completely open treatment area, all of our patients benefit from the privacy and comfort of having their own spacious cubicle
  • Private Discussion Rooms – This allows patients/parents to privately discuss matters with us that they may prefer not discussing in an open area such as the reception desk
  • Electronic Patient Charts  – This maximizes treatment efficiency as well as patient chart safety and confidentiality, and it also decreases material waste
  • Diode Laser Technology – This allows treatments to be completed to an ideal result in less time and under one roof
  • Computer Simulations  – This allows patients to understand the why and how of the particular treatment options that apply to their case, and it also permits a visualisation of the final result at the onset of treatment in many cases

Commitment to Accessibility


To ensure that anyone who wishes to receive their orthodontic care in our office may do so with ease and convenience, we are pleased to be one of the only orthodontic specialty practices in Gatineau to offer:

  • Convenient Appointment Times – This allows patients/parents to miss little or no school/work
  • Flexible Payment Options – This allows us to accommodate virtually any budget
  • Ample Free Parking – Patients/parents do not need to worry about finding parking, paying for parking, or getting ticketed when they come to our office
  • Close Proximity to Other Services – Our office is surrounded by family-oriented retailers such as grocery stores and banks
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