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We are proud to offer cutting edge care in a truly state-of-the-art facility.

From the general layout to the minutia of the finishes, our office was designed to optimize our patients’ experience on every level. No detail was left to chance with regards to the comfort, enjoyment, and safety of our patients and their families.

Please scroll below to take a virtual walk through our office:

3D Office Virtual Tour

Reception Area

Our welcoming Reception Area is equipped with much more than just the usual reading material that one expects to find in a waiting room. We are also pleased to offer complimentary access to an XBOX console, WiFi internet, and fresh warm & cool beverages. The whole family can thus settle in enjoyably, and parents are welcome to bring their beverage with them into the Consultation Room or Care Centre if they wish to accompany their child.


As you make your way from the Reception Area to the Care Centre, you will enjoy beautiful sunny blue skies overhead 365 days year!

Care Centre

This radiant centre is where the tooth-straightening magic takes place! In addition to our commitment to using only leading edge equipment and materials, we are pleased to be the only orthodontic practice in the region to place dividers between adjacent chairs and to allow parents to accompany their children into the Care Centre. Our patients thus enjoy the charm of an open-concept design while benefitting from the luxury of a large, personal space.

Sterilization Bay

This 14-foot linear Corian®-surfaced sterilization unit far exceeds the required standards of quality control. Moreover, the recessed ultrasonic bath and seamless rinsing receptacle provide our sterilization technicians with the most ergonomic and hygienic environment possible.

Hygiene Stations

We are pleased to offer our patients the opportunity to thoroughly brush and floss at each adjustment appointment at one of our two fully equipped Hygiene Stations. We provide pre-pasted, disposable tooth brushes as well as floss and mouth rinse so that our patients needn’t bring any personal items with them. We are proud to do all this as part of our commitment of providing each of our patients with the opportunity to achieve the most beautiful, healthiest smile possible.

Consultation Room

This soothing room is where Dr. Cote meets future patients and their families for the first time. While most children and adolescents are accompanied by just one parent at the consultation appointment, this generously-proportioned room was designed to comfortably seat an entire family, so please feel free to bring everyone along!

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