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Modern Orthodontic Appliances

Cutting-Edge Systems for First-Rate Results

Outaouais Orthodontics is committed to offering the widest range of modern treatment options so that our patients can achieve the beautiful, healthy smile they’ve always wanted in the gentlest, safest, most discreet, and most efficient manner possible.


Invisalign® – The Clear Alternative to Braces

Invisalign ® is a cutting-edge orthodontic treatment modality that allows patients to reap all the benefits of orthodontic care without needing to wear braces at all. 
Learn more about Invisalign®.


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Incognito™ – Truly Invisible Orthodontics

Incognito™ is a brand new technology that allows patients to wear braces that cannot be seen by others. 
Learn more about Incognito™


In-Ovation® & Damon® – Low-Friction Esthetic Braces

In-Ovation® & Damon® braces incorporate breakthrough self-ligation technology that allows orthodontic treatment to be completed more quickly and comfortably than even before. 
Learn more about In-Ovation® & Damon®.


SureSmile® – Custom Made Wires

SureSmile® is a new technology that allows for the fabrication of customized, robotically bent wires that decrease the amount of time required to achieve an outstanding orthodontic result. 
Learn more about SureSmile®.


Insignia™ – Custom Made Braces

Insignia™ is new technology that allows for the fabrication of fully customized braces that decrease the amount of time required to achieve an outstanding result. 
Learn More about Insignia™.


Orthopedics – Optimization of Growth Without Surgery

Modern orthopedic treatments allow for comfortable correction of jaw discrepancies without the need for surgery. 
Learn more about Orthopedics.

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